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MaYbe perfumes marketing – door-to-door selling of perfumes

This site proposes:

A sale of perfumes and management activity. Fill the form to contact us freely.

Why Maybe Perfumes, maybe Lauretta Larix?

Today perfumes describe our personality, even our feelings or merely our dreams.
They make us feel good and enable us to express values hidden deep inside. For women, it’s determining their own personality, their feminity. Men can recover self-confidence.
Some compositions of perfumes stimulate all our senses.
Their deep notes wake up our desires, remind some places, some situations…, and leave an everlasting feeling.
Their fragrances are present in our daily life and help shape our self-image. Maybe perfumes are high market products, affordable to anyone.
We invite you to browse our range of exceptional fragrances, inspired by the better fragrances available on the worldwide market.
Waiting for a smooth collaboration very soon, we already thank you for the interest in our products.
Maybe Lauretta Larix.

Maybe Perfumes

Maybe is a German company manufacturing perfumes with aromatic bases selected at DROM. Maybe Lauretta Larix Perfumes is a multi-level marketing company, present for more than twenty years. Maybe perfumes proposes quality perfumes, a wide-range of fragrances among different fashion olfactory families, available in tens of perfumes. Maybe is recruiting door-to-door vendors (saleswoman / salesman) A job offer to sell luxury perfumes. This perfumes sales brings a 50% margin, a competitive price on the 50 ml bottle. A door-to-door management job offer. With Maybe Perfumes marketing plan, you can earn from 3% to 21% commission on the turnover of the Group (you included) Maybe proposes an international plan ; you will have the opportunity to sponsor in many countries of the EEC, Russia, Asia, Africa, USA.

Join Vdi

To become a sales commercial / sales consultant:
Free online registration
No turnover quota to reach
No result obligation
You work whenever you want
You stop the activity whenever you want
You take over the activity whenever you want
You order products with a distributor tariff and you sale with a public tariff.


MAYBE LAURETTA LARIX PERFUME brings 50% margin with a selling price of 25€ for 2 bottles (public price). Bottles are available in 50ml

The perfume is a major business for a long time ; the perfume activity will assure a developing & recurring turnover thanks to the network marketing. Our perfumes are manufactured according to the better processes based on carefully selected compositions for keeping their permanent aromas.

Maybe products range has a very good quality, the first time you will smell one of our perfume you will be surprised because the quality is very present. Don’t hesitate to join us, you won’t be disappointed neither by the quality nor by the money you are supposed to earn. Mayfit food supplements Our food supplements and our products for the weight loss are 100% natural ; high quality products that will seduce you.

MayFit Turbo Berry : capsules of Acai berry
Mayfit Deluxe shake: powder for milkshake
MayFit Power Caps: capsules with spices
Mayfit Deluxe Shake Powder: protein drink


Maybe net marketing ensures a real promotion of the Maybe partner.
Indeed, the seriousness of the company enables to capitalize on your efforts and short-term investments.
With Maybe and the door-to-door net marketing you can work in several countries to develop your own direct marketing.
At Maybe perfume, commissions up to 21% are paid at the beginning of the month, according to the turnover.
The registration enables you to get a big discount and to develop your own direct business, with meetings or net marketing. Commissions from 3 to 21% on your own turnover and on the turnover of the partners you have recruited. 3% bonus till the fifth level of your net marketing.
This opportunity is only given by our company : to earn money, the important thing is not only the gains on the sales but the marketing plan offered too.
The marketing plan is built on a solid basis: once the position reached, it will never change.
Online Maybe training With Maybe you are independent, free but not alone.
Regulary, you will attend to online meetings for training and informations about Maybe perfume activity.
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